25 thoughts on “The Pinnacle of Australian Bowling – Ashes 2010-11

  1. He clearly saw Swann out of his crease and was attempting to ‘mankad’ him at full speed…

    There can be no other explanation for something this bad.

  2. None of you get it. Hilf was aiming for the legendary reverse swinging blockhole ball there. There is also a bit of topspin on that. Classic stuff!

  3. That was an epic ball! Needed to get a bit of topspin on it so that it’d bounce forward towards the batsman though.

  4. I can only assume that members of the Australian Cricket Team 2010-2011 Ashes Squad had to submit their Disability Support Pension numbers when they registered to play. Ben Hilfenhaus – does your husband know how to bowl?

  5. It was part of the strategy. Their bowling coach told him to bowl underarm (the Chappells) but he dropped it.

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