Australia’s Batsmen away from Practicing

Quite a few of the Kangaroo batsmen were seen batting with no pads on the front foot in their recent practice session just before the start of the Bangladesh series and they did so deliberately keeping Bangladesh’s bowling in mind.

The thing is that Bangladesh’s attack consists of two leftie spinners who are actually not quite the spinners, but the slow bowlers as most of their deliveries don’t take spin. However, their strongest point is that they are very good with their direction and it’s very rare that they give the batsmen any free space.

Ninety per cent of their deliveries land in the area of the three stumps and finish within the three stumps as well and with such type of bowling, there is always a danger of leg before wicket if you allow the ball to hit your pad before your bat.

The trick then is to get your bat ahead of your pad in your forward defence, but, the test match technique of the batsmen is such that they often put their bat and pad close together while they are defending the spinners or sometimes even keep their bat behind the pad and that gives such kind of bowlers, who are consistently putting it in the area of the stumps, a chance to trap the batsmen in front of the stumps.

To mentally prepare themselves to always meet the ball with the bat and not the pad, the batsmen sometimes practise batting with no pads on the front foot because where there is no pad, it’s always in the back of their mind that they have to play with the bat. If they don’t, the ball will hit them flush on the shin and that will hurt. So it kind of gets them into the habit of getting the bat ahead of the pad and that habit then helps them on the field while tackling the slow left arm bowlers.