Australian players have set their eyes on Ashes now

After absolutely dominating the World Cup, the Australian players have set their eyes on Ashes now and they are almost certain that they would end up retaining the urn in UK this summer.

Steve Smith, One of Australia’s many World Cup heroes, sounded pretty ruthless the other day during his interview to an Indian daily about Ashes.

According to Smith, if the current compositions of the two teams i.e. Australia and England are compared, the former looks much better.

Australia has not been able to win an Ashes series in England for a long, long time and thus, the desperateness of their players to break the ice this time around can be understood.

But, despite having a very strong squad, it would not be that straightforward a task for the Kangaroos to beat England in England and the simple reason for that is the playing conditions.

The overhead conditions in England would always be tricky and to add to that, the surfaces would not be as quick as the Aussies are used to play on.

To get the wickets, the bowlers will have to rely more on swing than pace and that’s where, one might think, the Three Lions are slightly ahead.

Johnson & co. form a very good pace attack, there is no doubt about it. But, barring Ryan Harris, there is no swing there. They are more about banging the ball in and catching the batsmen fending which works in Australia, but, on slower pitches, might backfire.

However, Smith reckons the bowling attack will do the job irrespective of slightly changed conditions.

In all probability, Michael Clarke will be leading the Australian team in the upcoming Ashes unless he does something to his fitness. Smith will be the vice captain.